In addition to Stanislav Libenský Award competition results, the exhibition at the Imperial Stables is consisted of a display called Glass.Design. Its name already suggests what it is concerned with:it is a presentation of beverage sets, vases, bowls and other glass products.Design has recently become very popular field in the Czech Republic. Young people want to study it, journalists like to report on it, and many of us follow it, look for it and often buy it as well. People are increasingly getting used to the fact that they can freely and originally enliven their private space with objects that not only meet the functionality, but also tell about their lifestyles, tastes and needs.At the Glass.Design exhibition, they can first get an idea of what new is happening in the world of glass design. At one place they will learn about the hottest novelties from European companies, each of which has a name in the world of design: Alessi, Bacarrat, Iitalla, Kosta Boda, Moser, Orrefors, Riedel, Venini, etc.These companies usually operate in countries that for centuries have been representing the most important background for innovations in glass-making industry, which is typical for Europe and from the cultural and economic perspective such a significant field: especially in Finland, France, Italy, Germany, Sweden or the Czech Republic.Glass exhibited at the Imperial Stables was, in most cases, created within the cooperation of glassworks with leading European designers. There are also famous designer names like Alfredo Häberli, Arik Levy, Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and more.Visitors to the exhibition will be surprised by the richness of shapes and colors of presented glass or, conversely, its sober elegance – and in many cases an unorthodox approach to the concept of traditional products. They make sure that glass is not only still alive, but it has, thanks to the foresight of enlightened manufacturers, the inventiveness of designers, skills of craftsmen, education of technologists and last but not least thanks to the growing interest of informed customers, a bright future ahead.

European industrial design exhibition called Glass.Design accompanies at the Imperial Stables the international exhibition of graduate works of this year’s graduates from glass studios at universities – Stanislav Libensky Award. So famous glassworks and their designers can meet the upcoming generation through their products exhibited at one place.

Contemporary European glass has a very wide range of products.Design, utility and decorative glass that is of interest to the Glass.Design exhibition represents only a small segment of glass production, in which prevails more technical and less romantic production, such as plate glass, glass fibers, etc.Rising costs of production incomparable with costs in competitive, less economically developed countries, changes in customers tastes and many other reasons have led even in the recent period to supply constraints and often also to the closure of some European glassworks dealing with decorative and utility glass.Surprisingly rich offer that opened before the eyes of organizers during exhibits selection for Glass.Design exhibition, however, attests to the fact that the traditional glass production in Europe is, despite various difficulties, still alive and kicking.The final version of the exhibition even contains only a relatively small, subjectively conceived choice of what the field of industrial glass design offers these days.

The presented collection of exhibits was created on the basis of personal visits to many of the glassworks represented, their operations, showrooms, shops and stands at international fairs. It presents objects of current offers of individual companies emphasizing the latest products commonly available to informed customers. It follows neither the creation of unique pieces nor small-lot design; it concentrates on the glass being directly produced by the major brands, which are among the world’s best and most famous. It places an emphasis on targeted cooperation of industrial firms with professional designers, whether they are permanent associates or causal workers.There are also famous designer names like Alfredo Häberli, Arik Levy, Jasper Morrison, Philippe Starck, Marcel Wanders and more.

The basic concept of the exhibition was an ambition to highlight the connection of good-sounding brands of producers with names of artists.Without a mutual understanding of glass related personalities, whether they are company owners, technologists, glassmakers, managers and businessman – and also, of course, designers – any of what the Glass.Design exhibition presents would not be possible.Particularly beautiful objects for the table and to decorate the interior designed with regard to the modern lifestyle.Objects of different facets:from the serious, purposefully simple to the slightly unconventional, or even entertaining.

A number of exhibited objects were created in areas with higher concentration of glassmaking companies, which, despite all the variability given by the historical conditions, provides insight to the past and present of European glassmaking art.In the Italian Murano, French Lorraine, northern Bohemia, Swedish Glasriket, the south of Finland and other places, the visitors can feel the unique atmosphere of the glassworks and processing plants.The Glass.Design exhibition invites to travel for the magic of contemporary glass.It wants to draw attention to what has been recently creating in Europe, at best, possibly inspire the demanding, stylishly outspoken customers to shopping.Without informed customers with good taste, the European glass has no hope of success in the future.