Glass Wandering

8. November; 10am-5pm

Program Glass Wandering shows to the students not only that the glass is a beautiful and playful material. International exhibition presents the works of recent graduates from glass schools around the world, from Mexico to Japan. Students find what you can do with glass. Learn about the features and recognize the different form from the forms used for art.

Curator Milan Hlaveš present selected works and stories that are at once the story the authors themselves. Work then “creator leaves a life of its own.” Professor Martin Hlubuček of Secondary Glass School in Železný Brod will talk about glass techniques and answer your questions. Then you can find your own story of each object.

In the second part of the exhibition Cherchez la femme, you will have the opportunity to meet a famous glass couple Libenský – Brychtová, see their unique stained glass made ​​specifically for the chapel of St. George monastery or to learn that professor Libenský is the author of the shell of the New Stage of the National theater and pioneer in understanding the inner light and color in art glass.

In the second part you will be able to “try creative process.” We’ll show you blowing glass in the cloister Monastery and students will have the opportunity to blow the glass and take home a self- made glass object.
At the end of the program, you can “enter into glass” walk in the house of glass Pyramids, which was created specifically for this exhibition.