Workshop with Kolektiv



The glass designer, Jan Janecký and engraving master, Jaroslav Šára – in Royal Summer House in the Prague Castle within the Stanislav Libensky Award exhibition – represent their art craft work.

During Sunday 17. November 2013 from 1pm-6pm can all visitors could try to paint and engrave glass objects They could learn about techniques in more attractive way and hear plenty of interesting information about glass and its characteristics. Visitors could also see possibilities how to work with glass that has been produced in Nový Bor, where it has hundreds-year-long tradition.

Two distinguished craftsman from ateliers KOLEKTIV from Novy Bor, glass designer Jan Janecký and engraving master Mgr. Jaroslav Šára, Dis. demonstrated to the visitors their art craft work. Visitors could watch and also try to paint and engrave to the glass objects. During these practical demonstrations had our visitors opportunity to acquaint in more detail with techniques in their theoretical forms. Both of art craftsmen were glad to answer all questions connected with glass and its characteristics, possibilities how to work with it and also about the process of making noble metal, what has in Nový Bor hundreds-year-long tradition.

Ateliers KOLEKTIV was founded by new generation of glass designers and craftsman in Nový Bor, which successfully follow the regional tradition of glass industry. In the same way they reflect this tradition to the contemporary understanding of fine art and design. They offer in a complex way complete portfolio of glass craft – creating stained glass, slumped and fused glass, cut, engrave and painting on the glass.

As the result of the cooperation with prominent designers and with the high-level technical facility, offers KOLEKTIV to his partners, clients, artists and designers, searching for professional craft facilities, unique opportunities in the production of glass objects, light plastics and others objects for private architecture and public area too. Among the recent realizations belong author´s stained glass in Markvatice Church near in the Děčín region, work with the glass Haute Coutoure dress and Blanka Matragi chandelier, 3-meters-high glass sculpture of the „Fighter“, which welcomes visitors in town Nový Bor or large-area installation entitled Crystal Growth, which decorates multifunctional house in Amsterdam.