I. Stanislav Libenský Award 2014 has been awarded to the  installation Munchies by Michaela Mertlová from the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague. In addition to using various techniques in processing the glass, the artist is meticulous  in the detailed presentation of her work, which the jury held in high regard. The metaphor  between playful chewing gum and highly machine-treated metal is interesting for both the  professional and amateur eye. The objects in her works play off of each other, yet they remain strong individually.


II. Stanislav Libenský Award 2014 was awarded to the Australian participant Sara Hellsing, who entered the work  Moments Passed to the competition. The installation evokes a recollection of the past, and it was highly praised by the jury. It is an outstandingly detailed work, with a feeling of close contact, capturing a distant memory and a return to the past. At Nirst sight the objects look like pebbles but they are highly-worked pieces of glass, “almost like talismans”, the jury adds.

S._Hellsing_Moments Passed_SLA14_2

III. Stanislav Libenský Award 2014  was awarded to Zuzana Kubelková from the Czech Republic and her work My Chemical Romance. The sculpture is a dynamic changing work, which, according to the jury chairman, provides a certain feminine quality while it also embodies the exact and precise characteristics in the use of chemical materials. The changing matter inside the sculpture could also be viewed as a metaphor for ever-changing and shifting relationships. The art work exudes a strong technical feeling, despite the fact that it remains an experimental attempt to tame nature, which keeps living its own life

Z._Kubelkova_My Chemical Romace_SLA14_3