First prize went to Natsuki Katsukawa (Japan) for her work Micro World Specimens, which is inspired by microscopic imaging and is reminiscent of primordial living organisms. According to the jury, the artist’s work is strong and gentle at the same time and shows excellent mastery of technique. The main prize for the winner is a stay at the Pilchuck Glass School in the USA.


Second prize went to Karina Malling (Denmark), whose work applies a more experimental approach to working with glass. In her work Transcendence she experiments with raw materials and combines glass with sand and earth so that in this work the audience can view glass as something other than fragile and utilitarian. The artist was awarded with a study internship at the Ajeto Lindava glassworks in Nový Bor.


Third place went to Ebibi Salomée (France), who combines video and glass and thus creates movement out of a material we are accustomed to viewing as static. In the opinion of the jury, her work Times, which creates the illusion of movement through several horse sculptures, progressively ties in to the approach of using glass in animation and evokes playfulness and positive emotions.