Special Object

Title: Silhouette of the Town I.
Technique: Mould melting
Material: Sapphire glass
Size: 36 × 50 × 16 cm
Year: 2009



Triptych called Silhouettes of the Town was created by Stanislav Libenský and Jaroslava Brychtová in response to the earthquake that hit Armenia in late 1988. It was not just a natural disaster that caused the authors’ solidarity with the people of Armenia. The main reason was the target, the land under Ararat, the place of biblical paradise and the dawn of mankind.
The sculpture is made of sapphire glass, which has the color of milk chocolate. When you shine through the glass, it throws different shades of blue depending on the light intensity. This unique material is famous for the art couple Libenský-Brychtová.

Photos form the installation:

Exhibition view: